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Signatures for Response to charging RCGP members for access to ePortfolio

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1 HussainGandhi Despite the reasons I feel the college needs to look at its membership benefits and realise this is a key aspect. Taking it away and NOT mentioning any changes to membership rates is confusing and shows a need for greater consideration on actions.
2 JohnCosgrove  
3 AshleySouthall  
4 AndrewBlease  
5 ThomasCaldwell a very poor and shamefully poorly consulted decision which affects a huge proportion of the membership
6 simonottman i certainly don't feel inclined to use it but wonder if trainers who are compelled to use the eportfolio for their trainees will have to pay??
7 ShwetaTewari  
8 SuneelSaini Poor decesion! I think its time for me to reconsider my membership like lot of my colleagues.
9 ToyinSanwoolu  
10 AlwinMascarenhas Start charging for eportfolio = cancelling my RCGP Membership
11 RobinClark It is highly disappointing that one of the few tangible benefits of RCGP membership is now being withdrawn.
12 TomHodson  
13 AndreaMottram An extremely disappointing decision without democratic consultation. I have long been a supporter of the college and a user of the e-portfolio and feel wronged by this move.
14 JessHeaver Please reconsider. My fee to the RCGP is already sizeable without having to pay for the appraisal toolkit on top.
15 ChrisWilliams Best we stop paying over £400 a year if we dont get free portfolio
16 AshimaGupta  
17 MarkFolman  
18 HeatherBryan What an extraordinary decision. Access to eportfolio was instrumental in my decision to renew membership. Please reconsider, urgently.
19 MariaJones Another disillusioned member leaving here now that the only benefit of membership is going. Why were members not consulted about this and the timing is terrible, just a few months after you have fleeced us all out of £500!
20 RebeccaRogers  
21 MariaHenson  
22 AnnaCrawford  
23 KulsumAnsari  
24 RachaelWarner  
25 TeresaCollum Absolutely ridiculous. I will cancel my membership if this goes ahead.
26 susanharris Very disappointing move by rcgp.
27 narendrachandratre  
28 JustinWoolley I am struggling to justify my membership already. With this move, I'm gone!
29 LouiseGrant  
30 SairaKhan One of the reasons I continued my rcgp membership was the access to the eportfolio- if a separate charge is going to be applicable I see little benefit in continuing my membership
31 LinaGan I would rather you stop sending the paper copy of RCGP journal and make it available on-line only and do our bit to slow down climate change to save lives. Medical defence subscription fees keeps rising an definitely go up every year.No more charges plea
32 SeanStansfield  
33 ChristinaPreston  
34 MichelleSinclair So the College doesn't stand politically behind it's members and argue against the systematic dismantling of General Practice because it's role is education & quality but you withdraw this appraisal tool unilaterally. So Membership benefits are now what??
35 JamesCuthbertson Please don't charge for this Ill cancel my membership if you do
36 AmitVarma  
37 LarisaSmondulak  
38 SarahMcGuire  
39 LarisaSmondulak  
40 KerryBoardman I was very disappointed to hear of this move - especially when I was about to change to the RCGP toolkit as our CCG have stopped funding Clarity locally. What exactly does our membership pay for?
41 CatherineHickin  
42 EarimChaudry  
43 JesikaPramanik Already feel like I pay £400 a year for RCGP membership and do not get ANYTHING out of it at all sadly. You cannot ask people to pay even more for something we have to do. It is simply unfair.
44 ShirinLakhani  
45 JaneKillalea  
46 HelenGracie  
47 ClareFisher  
48 VickiHoltby  
49 HardipSamra  
50 PatriciaMcCully I can't believe this is a proposed change..! I would be one of the many to cancel my membership if this were to happen.
51 DavidMellor wow, Poor effort from RCGP. I will be cancelling my membership and encouraging others to do so. We are constantly being ripped off as GP's.
52 NatashaFarrant  
53 MichelleAthwal  
54 FenellaCottier How much more money are we expected to shell out when incomes are reducing?
55 BhavikaVagani  
56 DavidHill  
57 NestaMackenzie  
58 LydiaAnderson  
59 NickHarvey Please keep free.
60 MamathaSuresh I have been a member for > 10 years. I thought i should remain a member to support RCGP who will inturn stand up for me - a grass root GP and not just be about exams. Now this. One less member next year.
61 junaidtipu definitely a wrong idea to charge people for using e portfolio. RCGP should allow members for free at all costs.
62 ElizabethJohnston  
63 PavanRao Looks like the Colleges' aim to improve short term finances will lead to an eventual decline in membership and in turn lead to huge losses. Please avoid making hasty decisions like these
64 AshaPillai This is absolute nonsense! You call yourself a member organisation yet provide NO benefits to your members! Whose pockets will this money line now ? My resignation coming your way. Useless organisation
65 GillianKyei  
66 AlistairConvery I resigned last year after 20 years of questioning what on earth I paid for...Woeful local trainer support when dare to question training hierarchy. No exam centre in Scotland for years and no intention to re-instate..A damn disgrace..
67 MirandaBradley  
68 En MinChoi  
69 JudahEastwell As a qualifying GP it is disappointing for such a benefit of RCGP membership to be removed (and I won't obtain the free 4 years of portfolio use). I thought the RCGP existed for the benefit of its members?
70 SarahTaylor  
71 SandeepBansal ridiculous. it is a compulsory part of our work.
72 SineadReid  
74 AhmedRashid  
75 EmmaHunter Please include eportfolio access in membership fee.
76 VenkateshMallya Already membership fees extremely high and been increasing every year. Revalidation portfolio should've provided free.
77 NirubanRatnarajah  
78 HowardSunderland Planning on cancelling my RCGP membership due to this.
79 FemiAkindolie This will encourage people to quit the RCGP.
80 AfsheenTanveer Very diappointing decision.
81 SamanthaHowell E-portfolio/re validation portfolio should be included within existing fees. What's wrong with the one you host now and where was the member consultation in this?
82 EmmaSimmons Another expense when wages are falling!
83 StephenTomkinson  
84 SatishSingh  
85 francescafarrell not acceptable.
86 DevGupta Ridiculous decision,eportfolio was the only reason I was paying to be a member.
87 NaemaAlam I shall cancel my membership I am sure if this advantage is taken away.
88 margaretmccartney  
89 sharonrocque  
90 PeterRobinson  
91 ShamailaMasood-husain  
92 DermotRyan This is an integral benfit of membership. Charging can never be justified. I suspect someone has had a greasy back hander form a commercial orgnaisation
93 UnaDuffy GPs feel demoralised and disengaged with the RCGP. This move will lose the college more money than it will save.
94 SashaWyatt  
95 RuthHoldstock I like the idea of a Royal College supporting the profession. Justifying £500 and then paying for an eportfolio on top is becoming increasingly difficult.
96 JimmyPaul Unfair
97 MichelleWayland  
98 IngridWallace This is extremely disappointing of the RCGP. It is taking advantage of the situation
99 ShehlaBegum  
100 RichardMaddison